1. Private Security – In the Private Security Sector you may offer to serve as an: Escort, Security, Body Guard, Border Security, Bouncer, Counter-Intelligence, Executive Protection, Maritime Security, Natural Disaster Security, Patrols, Property-Over watch, Private Security Detail, Quick Reaction Force, Security Consultant, Specialty Dog Handler, Cyber Security, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Drone Operators, Business Security, Home Security, and CCTV Installation. 

2. Training – As a licensed Instructor you may offer your expertise to provide services for: Self Defense Training, Weapons Training, Physical Training, Tactical Training, Concealed Carry Permits, Hunting Safety Courses, and Certs and Licensing.

3. Watch Dog - Emergency Coronavirus Pandemic services: Neighborhood Watch Volunteer, Witness, Check On My Family, Check On My Pets, Check On My Property services.

4. Executive Transport - These service providers cater exclusively to our associates offering on-demand Executive Transportation in helicopters, boats, sport utility vehicles, cars, and limousines. 

5. Pick Up / Delivery  –  may offer services as: a Drone Pilot, Cargo Transport, Secure Delivery, do Mail Runs, and Store / Food Runners.

6. Livestream Facilitators - can provide on-demand services for UAV / Drone Operator, Broadcasting Events, Media Coverage, Personal, Real Estate, Videographer, and our Smart Device Connect program!


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